International Conference on Archaeological Heritage Management

September 22nd-25th, 2021

Tribute to Mº Ángeles Querol

The important thing about the past is the future

The International Conference on Archaeological Heritage Management is a tribute to Dr. Mª Ángeles Querol, Emeritus Professor at the Universidad Complutense de Madrid, due to her outstanding career in terms of quality and productivity. Proving this professional life are her publications on the topics on which this conference is organized. All of them are centred on one issue: Archaeological Heritage Management.  We are proud to create this space for debate and exchange of ideas around cutting-edge projects within this field of theory and practice.

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22-25 September 2021

The Archaeological Profession

Preventive Archaeology and land planning: countryside and cities

Archaeological Heritage and Feminist Archaeology

Museums and sites: interpretation/presentation of Archaeological Heritage

Current challenges in managing Archaeological Heritage

Final roundtable to elaborate conclusions

Congress organized and held in

Grupo de investigación Gestión del Patrimonio Cultural

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